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Boston Cardiac Foundation

Salil Midha, MD, FACC


Vandana Maini was a skinny, 17 year old high school student who suffered repeated fainting spells when Dr. Salil Midha first met her on a trip to India. Not only did Vandana lack access to quality health care, many of her teachers and peers thought she was faking her blackouts. A visit with Midha and other physicians confirmed Vandana was not a liar. She had a complete heart block, a congenital condition that resulted in a heart rate of 20 to 35 beats per minute, far below the normal 70 beats per minute. On a charitable mission in 1991, Dr. Midha provided Vandana with the life saving treatment she so needed, a pacemaker. 

Vandana has gone on to graduate from high school and college, and get married. Today at the age of 37 she finds happiness teaching children in a local school. She has had 2 successful battery changes for her pacemaker since 1991, but now faces another health challenge. The leads (the electrodes that connect the pacemaker to the heart) are 20 years old and are at high risk of fracturing which can lead to sudden heart block and death. Her options are very limited, and her best chance for survival requires extraction of the old leads. Unfortunately this technology does not currently exist in India.

       In February 2012 Boston Cardiac foundation members successfully replaced the failing pacemaker
        and 2 new leads and she is doing remarkably well.