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  Richard James Shea

One of the most dedicated friends of the foundation, Richard has been former President of the Bellevue Golf Club, also has served as President of the Oyster Harbour Club in Osterville, cape cod. during his tenure as Bellevue President, he was instrumental in developing several programs which benefited local families through the hospital community. He has also served as Golf Chairman for the Massachusetts Golf Association while a board member. He currently serves as a member of the board of the New England Senior Golf Association.
 Danielle Patturelli, RN, BSN

Danielle works in the Cardiac and Endovascular Laboratory at the Melrose Wakefield Hospital. She has been extensively involved in patient education and volunteers her time in preventive clinics hosted by the hospital. She was instrumental in many aspects of the 2011 golf tournament and fund raising. She is part of the golf committee and helped us plan the successful event in 2011.

 Beth Reid, RN, BSN

Beth is the clinical leader of Medical 5 in Melrose Wakefield Hospital. She is involved with staff and patient education besides training the new graduates in the ever changing medical environment. She has visited Haiti with the Crudem Foundation to help the poor. She is very well respected by the staff and the physicians in the hospital. She helped in the 2011 golf tournament and fundraising.
  Azar Zanelotti, RN

Azar has visited Haiti several times to help the poor. She helped us in the last golf tournament and most of the photography was done by her. She is working her goals to achieve higher education besides working as a staff member on medical 5 at the Melrose Campus. She is very polite and concentrates on providing an excellent care the patients deserve. She plans to visit abroad in our future missions.
  Richard Waelde and Debbie Cronin-Waelde

One of the members at the Bellevue golf course and a true supporter. He was an immense help in the 2011 golf tournament. His wife Debbie is a member of our golf committee.

Deborah L. Cronin-Waelde, RN, MSN, ONC is the System Director for Emergency Services at Hallmark Health System, Inc. and is passionate about community hospital medicine and what it brings to our cities and towns and supports nurses and physicians to provide advanced cardiac patient care in the emergency setting that allows for positive patient outcomes. She is supported in all her passionate endeavors by her husband Richie who has been a recipient of the advanced cardiac care that Hallmark Health System provides.


Thinking Beyond Borders


This year several of the students from TBB joined us in New Delhi.


Nora Falvey, TBB Program Leaders

Lizzie Miller, TBB student (from California)

Haley Burlingame, TBB student (from Rhode Island)

Alison Marqusee, TBB Student (from Lexington, MA)



Thinking Beyond Borders is a not-for-profit organization that runs gap year programs (for kids between high school and college) providing opportunities for the students to “explore international development through global service learning and academic study”. In each country, they live with a local family; spend their mornings working on a project that meets the needs of the community and in the afternoon study about the country and issues that particularly face developing countries and approaches to improving the lives of the people who live there.

The kids spend 6-8 weeks in each of Ecuador, China, India and South Africa. Their last month is spent in the United States, reviewing and discussing what they have learned, how they can contribute to a better world in the future and meeting with people in government and international agencies (e.g., UN, World Bank) to discuss their learning.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the 2011 Golf tournament so successful.

Salil Midha, Robyn Loguidice, Beth Reid, RN  and Chip McCarty from Herb Chambers

Azar, Danielle and Beth Reid

Jessica Jordan, RN, Danielle Patturelli, RN,Rick Price, Richard Shea and Azar

Jessica Jordan, Althea Nigro and Beth Reid

Richard Waelde was an immense help in the 2011 tournament