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Boston Cardiac foundation team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October of 2014    Boston Cardiac foundation team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October of 2013
Gilensh Haile,RN, Susan DeTurke, Salil Midha, MD, Greg MacDonald, MD, Jessica   From L to R: Dr.Giday Araya, Dr.John O'Mara, Ms.Susan Deturk and Ms.Linet Okuku
Jordan, RN, John O'Mara,MD and Timothy Hudson, MD with local colleagues.           Standing: Dr.Belay Abegaz,Medical Director, Dr.Salil Midha and Ms.Jessica Jordan, RN

Boston Cardiac Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization that brings medical technologies and services to less developed countries around the world. The BCF team is made up of physicians, nurses and technologist and performs cardiac procedures such as pacemaker implantation free of charge for patients who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Team members have been travelling around the globe on charitable missions for over 23 years.


Boston Cardiac Foundation team members have preformed over 300 pacemaker implants in India over the past 23 years. We just completed our missions to Asuncion, Paraguay;

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kigali, Rwanda. The ability to perform these procedures is in large part by the generous donations made by the major device companies, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical and Biotronik.  These companies have donated over 3 million dollars in equipment and supplies over the past 23 years to our team members. 


The 2015 mission to India was a very successful one.  There were over 60 patients seen in the clinics that were held at Sitaram Bhartiya Hospital in New Delhi, and Jaswant Rai Specialty Hospital in Meerut, U.P.  In these clinics patient received evaluation by a physician and ECG to determine if they were a candidate for a pacemaker implantation.  If they were a patient who had received prior pacemaker implantation, they received follow up interrogation of their device.  In addition to the follow up, there were 15 new pacemaker devices implanted. The procedures were performed by Dr. Salil Midha with the assistance of local doctors and nurses in addition to the BCF team.

BCF teams have just completed their missions in Africa and Paraguay in the past 2 months.The team helped over 35 new patients who needed the life saving devices.

We thank Cummings foundation, Live for Evan team and several of our donors and friends who have made these missions possible.

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Two of our patients who received pacemakers in Asuncion, Paraguay in December 2013

Dr.Timothy Hudson and Ms.Susan Deturk just returned after placing 26 pacemakers in Paraguay. Thanks to Live for Evan team and their support for the poor in Paraguay.

Boston Cardiac Foundation visits Asuncion,Paraguay in 2012 and 2013.

Dr.Salil Midha and Susan DeTurk recently returned from Asuncion, Paraguay after implanting 20 pacemakers for indigent patients. Most patients had significant heart block and a heartbeat with less than 40 beats per minute. Normally, someone with this rate would not survive without a pacemaker. Our 2013 mission was just completed with 26 pacemakers implanted for the indigent patients.


The Boston Cardiac Foundation would like to sincerely thank Dr.Adrian Ebner in Asuncion for his help and co-ordination of our mission. The BCF staff plans to visit Paraguay again in 2014.

                                         Below: BCF Team in Military Hospital in Rwanda 2014

Boston Cardiac Foundation Team in India 2012

Boston Cardiac Foundation Team in Asuncion, Paraguay with Dr. Ebner's Team November 2012

Boston Cardiac Foundation Inc.,
50 Tremont Street, Suite 104
Melrose, MA 02176
Tel 781 662 6404


BCF’s motto is “helping one heart at a time” and that’s exactly what Dr. Midha plans to do


“For 23 years I’ve gone and done work for the poor and implanted 300 pacemakers,” he said. “It makes a big impact on people’s lives and that gives me the energy to go forward.”


BCF held  golf tournaments in September each year for the past 3 years at Bellevue Golf Club in Melrose,MA. The next golf tournament is scheduled for Monday Sept.8, 2014 at Bellevue Golf Club in Melrose.


Dr. Midha and his BCF colleagues have already received some recognition after earning a spot in the 2011 Limca Book of Records, which is the Indian equivalent to the Guinness Book of World Records, for implanting 11 pacemakers for the poor in 8 hours.

Community Service Award 2013

Indian Medical Association of New England recognized Dr. Midha for the community service around the globe on November 21,2013 during the annual meeting.

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                          BCF Team in India  February 2015

 Dr.Salil Midha, Dr.Monica Midha, Kathleen Minahan, RN and Brenda Houde, RT with members of Meerut staff in India February 2015.

Below: Pacemaker recipients in the followup clinic at SitaRam Bhartiya Hospital in New Delhi with team members in 2015.

                                     Below :  BCF Team in SitaRam Bhartiya Hospital in 2014